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Ideas for Your Inground Pool Lights

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Having a pool means that you can relax and exercise whenever you please, and nothing is more satisfying than taking an evening dip after a long day. Next time you take a night swim, look around your pool area and consider if the lighting accentuates and highlights all your favorite spots. There are several ways to enhance your pool’s landscape with proper lighting, and hopefully, some of these ideas inspire you next time you are going for a swim.

Pool Lighting Options

Whether you are having a pool installed for the first time, or you want to consider refurbishing your pool deck, these ideas may be useful for you:

  • Landscape Lighting – What is the surrounding environment on your pool? Do you have trees, gardens, or a water feature like a waterfall nearby that you love to look at? Then highlighting the hard work of your landscape designer may be the best course of action!
  • Moonlighting – Speaking of trees and lighting, you can put lights on the branches of your trees to provide the illusion of moonlight illuminating your pool.
  • Structure Lighting – Instead of accentuating the trees and bushes around your property, highlighting aspects of your home or other structures can be a wise choice. Hot tubs and pool houses can be used as locations for hidden lights that make pathways and high-traffic areas brighter.
  • LED Lights – An efficient way to boost your outdoor space aesthetics is to use LED pool lighting systems. Replacing incandescent bulbs with color LEDs not only makes them last exponentially longer but also gives you customizable lighting at a moment’s notice.
  • Dimmers – Being able to control the mood and brightness of your pool space is a huge advantage of a dimmer switch.

If your swimming pool needs an upgrade, then contact the experts at Laughlin Electric to get in touch with experienced lighting experts.

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