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Energy gets dispersed throughout your home from your electrical panel, which is responsible for your system’s safety. You may need an upgrade because of increased power needs or an outdated panel that is no longer up to electrical code. Whatever reason your electrical panel needs service, Laughlin Electric is here for you with expert electrical panel services in Santa Barbara. We have 30 years of experience providing service you can depend on.

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Upgrading My Electrical Panel

Your home should be your sanctuary for relaxation and safety with an electrical system you can trust. One of the main aspects of that system is the electrical panel that disperses and monitors energy requirements throughout your home. 

You may not know when to upgrade your panel for better safety, so here are a few tips:

  • Your panel is 25+ years old: The national electrical code gets updated every three years with new requirements. A home older than 25 years old is outdated, not up to today’s safety requirements, and lacks the number of outlets necessary for a fully functioning home.
  • Lights dim when using appliances: Your aging circuits cannot handle the energy draw of today’s devices and can put your home at risk for an electrical fire if your lights are dimmed with high-energy accessories. Upgrading your panel can allow you to use appliances without losing light in your space.
  • Lack of outlets: Older homes were not prepared for the technology we use today, so they often lack the proper amount of outlets today’s families require. If you’re constantly using extension cords in your home, you may be overloading your circuits, and you need more outlets in your space.
  • The panel is warm to the touch: It needs immediate service if you smell burning or feel the heat from your electrical panel. This signifies that wires are damaged or exposed and can start a fire. Laughlin Electric provides expert electrical panel services in Santa Barbara that can help keep your home safe.

You can reach us at (805) 590-2222 to speak to a team member today about electrical panels and subpanels that work for your home!

Electrical Subpanel Uses

An electrical sub panel may have various uses in your home. A subpanel is a smaller version of your home’s main panel used for a particular area that could benefit from its control center.

These uses include:

  • Garages
  • Mother-in-law cottages
  • EV chargers
  • Shed/workshops
  • Pools/hot tubs

Any area detached from your home could benefit from a subpanel because it’s easier to reset breakers, monitor electrical usage, and save you money during installation. If you’re renting out a mother-in-law cottage, it’s much easier to charge for electrical use when you can easily measure it with a subpanel. Sheds, workshops, and garages may flip circuits more often with high-energy power tools or EV chargers, and resetting the circuit will be more accessible near that area. Other high-draw accessories like pools and hot tubs benefit from subpanels for safety and cheaper installation.

No matter what electrical panel services in Santa Barbara you need, Laughlin Electric is here for you. We have spent 30 years perfecting our service and investing in our community, so you can count on us to go above and beyond.

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