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LED Lighting Services For Santa Barbara

Incandescent light bulbs are on the way out, as they no longer meet the energy efficiency standards set forth by the Department of Energy. That means it is an excellent opportunity to switch to LED lighting solutions, both for energy savings and the efficiency of power. If you need assistance making sure all of your lights are properly suited to handle these new bulbs, then trust Laughlin Electric for your LED home lighting in Santa Barbara.

LED Lightbulb being installed

Benefits of LED Lighting

You have more than likely heard about the energy-efficient lighting that LED bulbs can bring to your home over the past few years. If you are still in the dark, don’t worry, because we are here to tell you all the wonderful improvements that LED lighting can bring to your home.

LED lighting fixtures last much longer than any other bulb type by quite an impressive margin. The average incandescent light bulb will last approximately 1,000 hours, which is nothing compared to LED bulbs which can last anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 hours. In rooms and areas requiring frequent illumination, getting a bulb that will outlast the competition at such an impressive margin is only sensical.

Not only do these bulbs last much longer than their predecessors, but they also use significantly less energy to light your home. When it comes to energy consumption, incandescent lights use five times as much energy to produce the same amount of lumens. Though LED bulbs are more expensive to purchase, they end up saving you an incredible amount of money in the long run, especially if you replace your entire home.

Another aspect that draws many consumers to these new-age bulbs is the customizability they bring to the table. LED bulbs can be controlled to display a wide range of colors, which can be perfect for mood lighting for dinner or establishing a scenic atmosphere for a movie night.

Why Hire Laughlin?

While a lighting retrofit around your home may seem like a simple procedure that doesn’t require professional help, you could end up with an unwelcome surprise. Because of their unique circuitry, many traditional dimming switches are not compatible with LEDs, and you could end up having to return the bulbs you bought just to try out different ones. There are also enclosed bulb housings that do not allow the heat to dissipate, thus reducing the efficiency and lifespan of the bulb.

Hiring the professional technicians at Laughlin can allow you to skip the hassle, as we understand exactly which bulbs will work in which sockets. We can have your home updated with LED lighting solutions so that you can start saving money on your electricity bill as soon as possible. If you are searching for Santa Barbara lighting companies that specialize in LED lights, then contacting Laughlin is the best way to guarantee success!

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