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Laughlin Electric has 30 years of experience providing expert audio and video services in Santa Barbara. We invest in our employees and community with a company centered around employee growth and happy clients. It’s easy to do hard work when you care about going above and beyond with every job. Your home has many audio and video components, from your TV to speakers, and you may be thinking about adding a home theater or outdoor system for even better entertaining. Our skilled electricians are prepared for any service you may need.

Adding a Home Theater

When you want to see a new movie without the uncomfortable seats and overpriced snacks, consider adding a home theater for the movie theater experience without leaving home. We focus on three significant aspects of your home theater: the projector, surround sound, and dimmable lights. Let us help create your ideal space to watch movies with our expert audio and video services in Santa Barbara.

You’ll only stop laughing when we walk away. Schedule your free estimate by calling us at (805) 590-2222 or filling out our online contact form.

Steps to Build Your Home Theater

  • Choose a space: Typically, your theater is in at least a 12x12 room, away from the main parts of the home. Perfect areas to watch a movie include your attic, basement, or spare bedroom. A room with minimal windows, closets, and doors is recommended for better soundproofing.
  • Design the details: The rest of your home may have light-colored walls, but in your home theater, you should use dark shades that reduce light reflection from the screen. Also, consider using movie theater carpets or thick rugs for sound dampening. Use blackout curtains to cover any windows and use soft lighting like LED strips that are easy to dim when the movie starts.
  • Screening options: You can use a projector and a screen for a traditional movie theater feel or a smart TV to easily switch between streaming services. Projectors and screens are often cheaper, creating a larger viewing area, but need to be connected to laptops or other devices that can make a mess of wires. Smart TVs offer a slightly smaller display, but switching between streaming services is easy and doesn’t require additional devices.
  • Install surrounds sound & soundproofing: For the best sound during your movie, you want strong speakers throughout the room. You may also add acoustic panels on your walls to optimize audio quality and eliminate echoes. Also, consider how you will soundproof the room. You can use strong insulation behind the walls, soundproof drywall, or high-density vinyl lining to reduce the reverberations throughout your home.
  • Add finishing touches: Your theater seating can make or break the movie experience in your home. You may look for traditional row seating, lounge chairs, large floor pillows, or couple seating such as two-person recliners. Then decorate the room with movie posters, a concession stand, or a bar to perfect your home movie experience.

Home theaters continue to become increasingly popular in our community. Laughlin Electric is here for you with expert audio and video services in Santa Barbara so you can create your dream theater. We go above and beyond for every one of our customers because it’s easy to work hard when you care.

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