LED Lighting Benefits in Santa Barbara


LED lights have been illuminating some inefficiencies that have plagued home lighting over the past few years. The benefits of LED bulbs compared to traditional lighting are numerous, and though you may have heard of a few, it is difficult to keep track of every reason. Let us take a look at why LED lighting is better, not just for your home, but for the world at large.

Advantages of LED Lights

  • Long Lifespan – LED bulbs last on average 50,000 hours, which is about forty times longer than the average incandescent bulb. Even fluorescent lighting can only last nearly half as long as an LED lamp.
  • Energy Efficient – LEDs emit the same amount of luminous energy on a much lower wattage than their traditional counterparts. This energy-efficient lighting can lead to long-term savings if every bulb in your home is switched to LED.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Not only does the reduced energy consumption help the environment, but the manufacturing process to create LED technology does not use harmful chemicals such as mercury.
  • No heat or UV rays – LED light sources do not generate heat, while other types of lighting expend most of their energy as heat. Anyone who has had to change incandescent light bulbs knows they can burn you. LEDs are also better at emitting light on the visible spectrum, not producing UV rays that can damage paint over time.
  • Design Options and Durability – Since LED lighting technology is so small, they can be used in any shape of bulb that you can think of. They are also more durable, being able to operate even in the coldest temperatures where other lighting systems may not work. LEDs long lifespan also comes from the fact that they are not affected by frequent switching on and off, which can take a toll on incandescent bulbs.

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