When to Replace Your Electrical Outlet


3 Signs You Need an Electrical Outlet Replacement

When you are looking around your home for improvement projects and things that need repair, something small like an electrical outlet may not come to mind. However, outlets typically begin to show signs of wear and damage after fifteen years or so, especially if they are in high-usage areas of your home. Replacing your electrical outlets is a job for a trained electrician, and you will know when you need to contact one if you look out for the following signs.

When Outlets Need Replacement

The first sign of damage is the most obvious, and that is when the faceplate or cover of the outlet is damaged or loosened. When this occurs, the wiring and metallic parts of the outlet are at greater risk of exposure and potential contact with either a person or water. With repeated use over the years, it is very likely that the mounting screws of the outlet can be loosened.

The second warning sign is when you can feel the heat coming off of the outlet or even see sparks flying when you plug something in. This is a clear indication that the outlet cannot handle the current that is running through it. Sparks are especially dangerous, as they can be considered a fire hazard if they are a common occurrence.

The final sign is one that will require an electrician to determine, but it is that the outlets in your home are ungrounded. This can be the case when you have a combination of two and three-pronged outlets in your residence.

If you would like to have a consultation about your home’s outlets, feel to contact Laughlin Electric and one of our technicians will be in contact with you in no time!

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